Window replacement is one of the big home renovation projects that a homeowner can undertake. The project can be complex and time consuming with many homeowners confused by what options to pick. The new windows should be energy efficient and should match the architectural design of the home.

Types of Windows

Three types of windows that can be used for replacement/upgrading projects are:

  • Vinyl windows
  • Wooden windows
  • Fiberglass windows

Wooden windows are the most common and have been around for the longest period of time. Vinyl and aluminum are now used to seal the outside of the windows to protect the window from the effects of harsh climatic conditions.

The different types of windows will come in different shapes and colors to match the design and color plan of your home.

The Size of the Windows Matters

The replacement windows should be precisely measured to ensure that they fit snugly into the openings that the old windows were fitted. Do a comparison of different window types from different manufacturers and installers to bring down installation or replacement costs. Fitting windows help to bring down the costs of installation since installers from Centennial Glass will not have to adjust the opening.

Centennial Glass has an enormous range of different types of energy efficient windows that will meet your window replacement needs. We also have a team of competent and reliable window installation experts to ensure good energy efficiency in the home. All windows that we provide come with warranties for different parts and even the glass. The majority of window brands come with a 10-year warranty for non-glass segments and a 20-year warranty for glass. Warranties are also provided for the installation works which is indicative of high-quality workmanship and reliability of our installers.

Wooden windows are a good option for the window replacement project since they can be finished to complement the existing trim of the home. Wooden windows are also available in prefinished alternatives from a majority of manufacturers in Ottawa which brings down both the cost and time of installation.

Other highlights when choosing replacement windows are having blinds between the glass, hardware shading alternatives, triple sheet glass, and enhancing the glass. Modern wooden windows are also a good option since they are more energy efficient compared to older types and designs of wooden windows

In conclusion, the window replacement Ottawa project may cost intensive but the long term benefits will be immense both in energy efficiency and having an updated styling of the home.