Top Benefits of Physical Therapy


People suffering from injuries and medical conditions that impede their ability to function can benefit from physical therapy. Working closely with Motion Matters, an individual will follow a customized program to regain the prior level of functioning and prevent further injury. Physical therapy will encourage lifestyle change and activities that improve overall health and wellbeing.

The following are the benefits of physical therapy when used to manage problems.

  • Eliminate Pain: A combination of exercise and manual therapy techniques will help to relieve pain by restoring joint function and muscle function. Manual therapy techniques such as taping, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation can also prevent pain from returning.
  • Avoid Surgery: Physical therapy is a conservative approach to the treatment of some conditions. If an injury heals or pain is eliminated through physical therapy, surgery may not be required. Additionally, going for surgery when in better shape will aid in faster recovery and healing.
  • Better Mobility: Physical therapy will help people across all ages who have problems standing, walking or moving. The incorporation of stretching and strengthening exercises will help to restore the ability to move. A physiotherapist will also prescribe assistive devices such as canes and crutches after making an assessment.
  • Aid Recovery from a Stroke: Strokes may cause an individual to lose some degree of function or movement. Physical therapy will strengthen weakened areas, improve gait, and restore balance. In severe cases, physiotherapists will help patients move around the bed to improve their independence and reduce the burden of care such as dressing and toileting.
  • Recovery from Sports Injuries: With a good understanding of how different sports increase the risk of specific injuries, an Ottawa physiotherapist will help sportsmen in recovery from sports injuries. The design of custom recovery plans and prevention exercises programs will ensure an athlete makes a safe return to sport.
  • Improve Balance: Through physical therapy, your risk for falls can be assessed and where high risk is noted appropriate exercises are prescribed to help you regain a good balance. You will also get exercises to help with coordination or even get assistive devices for safer walking.
  • Management of Diabetes and Vascular Conditions: Management of diabetes includes an exercise plan that aids in effective control of blood sugar. You will also get an education on proper foot care to prevent further problems in the future.

Motion Matters are available to answer all your questions about physical therapy to help you or a loved one. Visit us at our Ottawa clinic for treatment and therapy sessions.


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