How to understand and repair Septic backups


There are many reasons a septic system may clog, with the most probable cause being the build up of sludge in the pipes between your home and the tank. Another cause can sometimes be a tree root choking off the piping by breaking through the pipe. Working to find the situation causing a system issue is by far no easy task.

The incorrect action is to open the system to look inside. Unless you are a septic technician that installs, builds and repairs them, a regular person has no business opening up their septic system. One wrong move in attempting to fix it yourself will end with catastrophic results.

 This proves the importance of contacting a professional Ottawa or Gatineau septic service. They will know and understand what to do, to find any or all causes for a system backup. What this will negate is the possibility of polluting the ground should something go wrong as you are attempting to find the issue.

The service will have the ability to clean the system pipes and to drain the tank along with replacing the fluid inside it with the proper bacteria adding to the life of the system. This brings us to another cause for the build up of sludge. Without regular cleaning the sediment at the bottom of the tank will grow and migrate into the entrance and exit pipes causing the blockage. Therefore, it pays to have  an Ottawa and Gatineau septic service clean and flush your septic system periodically.

Contact with these Gatineau and Ottawa Septic Service companies to repair and maintain your septic tank properly. 


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