One little known fact is that people spend a good amount of their time in the bathroom, here in Ottawa and around the world. In some instances, the bathroom can begin to look and feel smaller than it actually is. By adding a glass enclosure as the shower stall the room will suddenly appear bigger with added space. The enclosure also allows more light to reflect off its surface resulting in a brighter more appealing atmosphere.

Accordingly, once a glass enclosure is in place, the room will open up and reflect a calming atmosphere because of the transparency of the glass. Moreover, glass also gives the room a level of luxury and elegance that was not present with the standard opaque glass, shower doors or shower curtains that were there before the change. In addition, when using glass as an enclosure it provides a level of creativity when replacing the tiles inside the shower.

For instance, one example is adding a mosaic design to the stall that resembles a picture such as an abstract design, a still life, or a landscape. Nonetheless, the aftermath of a bathroom remodel should have a lasting effect on anyone who ventures into this room. While in most homes in Ottawa that have this type of shower enclosure, the location is within the master suite.

Therefore, having a shower surrounded by glass can give a spa like experience for every use. This makes every shower more relaxing and complete. When you think about how enclosed the bathroom in your Ottawa home looks and feels right now, would you not agree that by having a glass shower enclosure installed it, will open up the room?

Thinking about it and picturing how a glass shower will add elegance and sophistication to the master bathroom in your Ottawa home makes you want to see the different type of glass shower enclosures available. The glass can come etched, frosted, or smoked, (a form of frosted glass). In addition, there are many shapes available, such as the standard rectangle, square, oval, semi-circular, or round.

If you want to upgrade your bathroom with the warmth of Glass Shower Enclosure then try these Gatienau and Ottawa Glass Specialists:

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