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Among the tools that divorce lawyers in Ottawa use, well within their own legal rights, is the private investigator. This is probably the strongest part of the lawyers investigative network for finding information and reliable witnesses to back up accusations of cheating. While the assumption of a guilty spouse, is just that, without proof, there are signs that hint at something going on.

One indication is the discovery of an unknown bank account, (typically by a private investigator). Often times this information is hidden from a partner when the other is seeing someone on the side. Having such an account helps finance the affair in addition to creating a financial buffer for when a separation become imminent. This type of hidden money also represents a lack of moral fortitude by the cheating party, and will most likely cause unfavourable results for their part of any divorce settlement here in Ottawa.

When a spouse suspects this type of behaviour from their partner one avenue is to speak to an Ottawa divorce lawyer and ask for guidance. Another choice is to confront the  suspected cheater, this never ends well and is generally not a good path to take. Nonetheless, after speaking to a lawyer they will present two choices for moving forward. One is to file  a “no-fault” lawsuit and the other is to file a “fault” lawsuit.

The Difference between a Fault and a No-Fault

Understandably, going through divorce proceedings is a painful process and the last thing anyone wants or needs, for that matter, is for their “dirty laundry” to get exposed through Ottawa’s local news, or to their neighbours. Surely, close friends and family can learn of the indiscretion, without any major embarrassment, but it is difficult to avoid when people outside the family learn of such humiliations.

 This brings us to the “Fault” type of settlement or lawsuit. With this the cheating spouse has a weaker case comparably because of the information exposed by the divorce lawyer’s strongest ally, the private investigator. This means the hidden cash accounts the private meetings and any other information pertinent to the case. All of this leaves the cheating partner in the loser’s circle in matters of child custody, when children are involved.

A “No-Fault” lawsuit has shown to be the popular choice because of the non-disclosure of  information once the case is final. By Law, this type of suit ends the marriage due to irreconcilable differences, allowing for a sealed record, of sorts, of the proceedings. This way the sordid details of an illicit affair never come to the light of public knowledge, while being the cause for the break up.

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