How to take good care of your Hardwood Floors


Naturally, hardwood flooring is a sign of style and elegance in Ottawa as with elsewhere, and when they are brand new they are beautiful. However, as time moves forward and foot traffic increases certain parts of the floor begin to dull and show signs of wear. Nonetheless, the most common methods of preservation like utilizing area rugs does not always work out as planned. This is because the rugs move and slide out of place. However, there are reliable measures to consider in taking proper care of your hardwood flooring.


Important enough is knowing how to clean a wood floor and not damage it in the process. Typically the floor is sealed and coated with some type of wax or varnish finish. That stated, it is wise not to use harsh chemicals on the finish because it can dull it or weaken the coating. This brings up the importance of getting the manufacturers and installers advice once a new floor is in place. If you have moved into an Ottawa home that has a hardwood floor going online is a good resource for information on determining the type of wood and how to care for it.

Taking Care to Regulate the Humidity in Your Home

We all understand that moisture and wood are not a great combination. This is why we treat our wooden deck with varnish coating designed to repel rain water and the moisture from ice and snow every year protecting it form the harsh Ottawa winters. The hardwood floors in your house need the same care. Albeit, the finish on it is different from the deck, minimizing the humidity in the house helps avoid squeaky floors, e.g. moisture causes wood to warp and change it shape.

Be Open to Rearrange the Furniture Periodically

Arranging our furniture and letting it stay in place over a period of time is a natural habit that a lot of us get into. However, with dealing with a hardwood floor, because of the factors of traffic, moisture, settling, and believe it or not, sunlight. It is suggested that moving the furniture around from time to time helps prolong the health, finish and level of the wood, an analogy would be, it is similar to rotating the tires on your car so the tire tread wears evenly.

Specifically, because of the sunlight. It can cause the finish to fade in spots that are exposed over time. Thus is makes sense to move the furniture around from time to time to keep and even finish on the floor. Naturally, hardwood floors age along with the rest of your Ottawa home, however, with proper care and maintenance the floor will look great for a long time.

Consult with these local Ottawa Flooring companies for the installation and maintenance of hardwood flooring at your home:


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