The origin of the interlock pavers is Holland where they are used to build walkways and driveways. These pavers are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

The longevity and beauty of the interlock pavers are determined by the developer and the installation device. If installed properly and effectively, the pavers provide a lifetime solution. When they are installed poorly, the pavers will only last for a few years.

Ensure that you find an experienced and reliable interlock paver installer for your paving project. Search for installers who have the prerequisite training, on-the-job experience, and favorable recommendations. There are particular joints among the pavers that are used to gain access for repairs or relocation without damage to the pavers. The pavers are usually unzipped to allow for repair and there are tools that are used for this purpose.

Compared to monolithic concrete, pavers are maintenance-free since they do not require covering and do not suffer cracking since they allow for expansion and contraction due to segmentation. Furthermore, shattered or damaged interlock pavers can be effortlessly replaced with new pavers.

Choose dark-colored pavers since they will help hide stains. Sealers and having herbicide throughout the joints will help prevent weeds growing between pavers and ants living in there.

Imperfections can be remedied by lifting off the pavers in the damaged region, re-grading, and re-compacting before laying the same pavers all again. The exercise will not leave unpleasant looking areas and is relatively inexpensive.

A&Z Interlock Design and Build recommends the interlock pavers for driveways, decking, and patio since they are easier and cheaper to install. Contact us if you are looking for Ottawa interlock experts and we will install the interlock pavers according to your needs.

You are assured of high-quality workmanship in the installation of pavers. Well laid pavers have the advantages of being versatile, flexible, resilient and long-lasting with few repairs.