Fogging is a disinfection technique that has become popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fogging cleaning is about filling a room with a very fine mist of chemical disinfectant. The principle is to saturate a pre-cleaned environment with the disinfectant to kill airborne microorganisms and target hard-to-reach surfaces.

How is it done?

Specialized equipment is used for fogging. In the commercial setting, there are static systems that are used to fog interiors regularly. Mobile fogging devices are used in the home, and other settings and are operated by a trained individual. To perform fogging, cleaning companies provide a chemical suit as well as PPE, sealed mask, gloves, and ventilator to its staff.

How long does it take?

Fogging cleaning will normally take anything between 15-30 minutes, depending on the total area covered. An additional 45-60 minutes are required for the mist to settle on all surfaces. Depending on the disinfection chemicals used, the downtime period may be longer-lasting up to 6 hours for the fog to settle. It may require that your premises are shut down for the disinfection process. The downtime ensures that the environment is safe for use after disinfection.

Fogging techniques

Misting, spraying, and short-wave ultraviolet light are techniques used to disinfect large areas. Other methods include dry fogging, which disperses ultra-fine droplets and is best suited for spaces with sensitive electronic equipment.

Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Fogging

Ultra-low volume fogging is a technique that utilizes variable droplet sizes for highly targeted misting. The precise application of disinfecting mist makes it ideal for commercial cleaning in Ottawa and a wide range of environments. Through this technique, companies can disinfect critical surfaces without filling an entire room with fog. That means that sensitive electronic devices in a room can be avoided to prevent damage.
Fogging is best used as a wider disinfection measure, especially when preparing an area for deep cleaning. Fogging helps to make the area safe for the hands-on cleaning team to undertake the deep cleaning. After completion of the physical cleaning, fogging is done once more for thorough disinfection.

Are you searching for fog cleaning?

If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking for a cleaning company to perform fogging cleaning in your business. Fogging is not sufficient as a standalone cleaning technique and should be combined with hand-cleaning. This is why we recommend Ottawa Smart Clean. They have experience cleaning businesses and homes and use fogging cleaning as an additional line of defence for commercial cleaning in Ottawa after pre-cleaning. They have developed a tried and tested commercial cleaning process to meet the needs of all settings/premises. Fogging is a disinfection technique and not a cleaning technique. Contact them for more information.