Different industries use commercial epoxy flooring in a variety of ways. Apart from being relatively cheap, epoxy flooring provides durability, protection, and strength, and this makes it the perfect flooring for a broad range of industries. Below are some of the several applications of epoxy flooring:

Aircraft hangar floors

A lot of oil and chemical spills are seen on aircraft hangar floors. The conventional concrete floors absorb the spilled chemicals thus making it challenging to totally get rid of the spillage without having to replace the floor. In such scenarios, epoxy flooring offers the best solution. Epoxy floors being resistant to chemicals will deter chemicals and in case of spillage, the oil or chemical will only float instead of seeping into the flooring. This makes cleaning very easy. Additionally, epoxy floors coatings are heat resistant thus making them well suited to put up with the hot aircraft tires.

Warehouse floors

Epoxy floor coatings are perfect for warehouse flooring. Warehouse floors experience heavy traffic including machineries such as forklifts, tractors, and other bulky vehicles. Covering the floor suing epoxy coating protects the warehouse’s concrete floor from wear, pitting, as well as other kinds of damage. In addition, epoxy flooring makes it easy to clean warehouse floors and protects it against dirt, spills, and wear. Note that a traction layer can be included in the areas that people often walk in order to reduce the likelihood of people slipping or falling.

Pharmaceutical floors

Epoxy floor coating is a great choice for both laboratory and pharmaceutical floors. Epoxy resin is naturally anti-microbial and it is dirt, bacteria, and dust resistant. In addition, epoxy is highly chemically resistant and the waterproof finish it offers provides the perfect flooring option for pharmaceutical and laboratory surroundings.

Showroom floors

Apart from being an extremely tough commercial-grade floor coating, epoxy coatings are incredibly stylish and versatile. With the help of epoxy coatings, you can achieve several different colors, textures, and styles on the floor of your showroom.  For instance, car companies can display their latest model with a gorgeous matching floor texture and color.

Automotive facility floors

Automotive shops have very hard floors. Oil, grease, as well as other chemical spills on the floors are quite common. On top of chemical spills, a lot of mechanical damage is also seen on the floors as parts and tools are often dropped and this results to scratches, gouges, and chips on the concrete surface. Epoxy coating on such floors can significantly reduce such damages.