This is not an aspect that everyone in Ottawa who gets a set of braces is aware exists. With this in mind making a choice of colour sometimes, can take a little longer than expected because of the many colours available.

This first step is when to ask the question about the availability of a colour wheel. Most Orthodontists in Ottawa should have one on hand just for this situation. In addition, once you arrive at the decision to get braces it is a great opportunity to choose a colour then instead of waiting for the procedure to begin.

There will be many shades to choose from, so make sure to pay particular attention to what you see. The colours will appear more brilliant on the actual braces. It would help to research different colours online by searching for a colour wheel for braces. What to look for is an interactive ability so you can change the colours presented in the pictures of a mouth with braces. Naturally, the pictures need to represent different skin tones in addition. This helps in making the right choice. It helps to make sure that your Ottawa Orthodontist has the colours you like available.

The choices will be many and can come in the form of national colour schemes such as:

  • The Canadian,  the Ottawa City,  or the provincial flag

  • Gold & Sliver

  • Team Sport colours

  • School colours

  • Seasonal or Holiday colours

  • Favourite colours

  • A rainbow scheme, (availability is limited)

As mentioned in the second step above, consider your own skin tone and hair colour. This is one aspect that can enhance your overall appearance just as choosing the colour of your clothes. Finding colours that blend with your skin and hair will also fit into the colour scheme of the clothing you wear.

Always consider colours that fit your taste and discard the colours that do not. The colours help set our moods and can represent our emotions. Additionally, the colour black can appear as food particles while white causes the teeth to appear yellowish. Specifically, considering drinking caramel coloured drinks, which stain the teeth, can cause an unpleasant discoloration. While a lighter colour may be your choice, it is wise to consider these factors.

  • The colour of your teeth

  • What you drink

  • The Colour of the Brace bands

  • Your skin tone & hair colour

  • The colour scheme of the clothes you wear

However, choosing a darker colour such as Navy Blue or a Dark Purple can make your teeth appear whiter.

After you have made your decision, the next thing to do is to tell your Ottawa Orthodontist about your choice. Once they have gone through the procedure you can see the final results and admire your choice.

Once you have your braces, it is time to begin practicing a healthy regimen of oral hygiene. Because there are extra steps to take when cleaning, it is important to brush your teeth after every meal. This means having a kit, so to speak, with you at all times.

It is important to floss first because this cleans where brushing does not. Then ensure to make contact with your teeth while brushing, and then afterwards use a rinse, at least once a day that helps eradicate germs and the bacteria that facilitate tooth decay and bad breath.

You can change the band colour during the regular tightening process if you wish. Considering that, you may not have made the right choice. You can always fix it. Normally, the cycle between checkups here in Ottawa, lasts around six to eight weeks where your Orthodontist will accommodate your decision to change the colour if you wish.

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