Well, it happened, with the insertion of the smart phone and tablet in the mobile market with their ability to surf the internet just like a personal computer or laptop. The biggest search engine company is going to begin to adjust their search engine traffic monitoring to accommodate and include multiple devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Most of this has to do with web design, in that a mobile website will have better traffic visibility across all internet capable devices. What this means for Ottawa web masters is they can sleep better at night knowing that the web sites they are creating no longer have an uphill battle when it comes to gaining mobile phone traffic, thanks to technology.

For the intent and purpose the devices like the iPhone and Galaxy series by Samsung are nothing more than a hand held computer disguised as a cell phone. Additionally, tablets, with the use of online applications like Skype are the same thing, allowing for real time video chatting and internet surfing.

What SEO tools do you have in your toolbox?

While this is all good news, The search engine giant will begin to use mobile traffic s part of their ranking factor. Nevertheless, using the tools provided for web masters Google is making things easier to check how a particular web site looks, traffic wise, across the landscape of electronic devices that people are using now.

Adobe saw this coming and built this capability into their software package for designing web sites, which allows an Ottawa web designer to check both cross browser, and device compatibility of the web sites they are building. This is very powerful stuff and as such should be part of the toolbox that website designers and webmasters in Ottawa use in performing their tasks.

What this means now is the analytic services provided by Google will now track traffic to a site across the all devices. For a web designer it means they need to ensure that the sites that they design needs to look the same on each type of device. The reason is if the web pages of a site do not look or perform well on a mobile device people will not stay and visit the site long enough to see what it offers or warrant accountability by the search engine even for local Ottawa businesses.

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