Do you really need a towing service? Do you really need to call a towing truck to tow your car to your favorite garage or back home if it breaks down and you cannot drive it? Well, the answer to both questions is yes. You can obviously tow your car by flagging down a passing motorist but it is not recommended. And the reasons why are pretty good reasons.

Quite a number of things can go awry if you ask another motorist to help you tow your car. This is why it is important to always use a tow service whenever your vehicle breaks down. Because a tow service is the safest and most appropriate option in such a case.

So why is flagging down another vehicle to pull your car not recommended? Why should you use a towing service? The first reason why is because if you do not hook up your vehicle right, and/ or if you do not use strong cables or chains to pull your vehicle, it could come loose. This could result in several dangerous situations. Depending on the speed your car was traveling at, it could stop quickly in the middle of the highway resulting in another motorist striking it from behind, or it could veer off the highway and hit a barrier or a tree resulting in more damage. What is worse, is that instead of veering off the highway, it could veer onto the opposite side of the road and hit another vehicle head-on resulting in costly damage and even injuries. Damages and injuries are unlikely when you use a professional towing service as the technician who will come to help you will be an expert and they will more likely than not have the right skills and equipment to safely tow your vehicle.

The second reason why you should use a towing service instead of flagging down another motorist to pull your car is that if the pulling vehicle brakes it could result in your vehicle hitting theirs and damaging it. This especially happens when there is poor communication between the driver of the pulling vehicle and that of the vehicle being towed. Moreover, since your vehicle is not running, you will find it somewhat difficult to control hence even changing lanes could also result in an accident. In contrast, hitting a professional tow vehicle is impossible and so is causing an accident when the tow vehicle is changing lanes.

The third reason why you should use a towing service is that if your vehicle is heavier than the capacity of the engine pulling your vehicle, it could result in too much strain on that engine. This could cause that engine to blow, which is very expensive to repair. In contrast, rarely is a towed vehicle heavier than the engine capacity of a proper tow truck.

Another reason why you should utilize a towing service instead of flagging down a motorist is that in some jurisdictions, it is illegal to tow a vehicle using anything other than a real tow truck. It is illegal because it is dangerous not only to the two vehicles and their occupants involved but also to other road users. In contrast, tow trucks are legal and unlikely to cause any damage to the vehicle being towed and to other road users.

As you can see from the above reasons, you are way better off calling a road assistance service and asking for a tow truck rather than flagging another motorist down to pull your vehicle when it breaks down in the middle of the road. Once you call a tow truck service, you will get the help you need without worrying about your vehicle getting further damaged. So do not take any risk flagging someone down. Call for roadside assistance right now to save yourself from your immediate problem and from making the situation worse.

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