In order for you to fully enjoy your swimming pool, you need to find a reliable cleaning and maintenance service.  Without regular servicing your pool can:

  • Accumulate debris
  • Become cloudy
  • Feel slimy
  • Begin to smell
  • Develop algae

Depending on how much the pool is used and how often it is treated.  Infrequent or irregular maintenance can mean bacteria working without you realizing it.  Then swimmers experience burning eyes and itchy skin and other conditions.  

Seasonal maintenance is important and here are some things to consider.


This is when most pool owners open for the year.  After the cover is removed, the water needs to be skimmed and thoroughly cleaned.  The chemicals need to be checked for balance and adjusted accordingly.  All the pumps should receive a maintenance check and repaired or replaced.


This is the busy time of year.  With warm temperatures and sunny days, the pool is a gathering place for fun and parties.  A good maintenance company will establish a schedule to remove any debris, recheck and adjust chemical levels, and generally inspect the safety of the pool and surrounding area.


Pool technicians are also able to install or advise about safety features like handrails and drain covers.  They can help with pool lifts.  Perimeter fencing is a requirement for safety as well as privacy and they can help with suggestions.  


As the weather cools, it is time to put the pool to rest for the year.  That includes adding chemicals to retard algae growth.  The cover should be carefully inspected and replaced if necessary.  All ancillary equipment should be covered or prepared for the winter.  Anything removable should be stored indoors or out of the elements.


Indoor pools certainly require the same maintenance as those outside.  Safety equipment can be upgraded or replaced as necessary.


Finding the right pool service can take some research.  You will want one that provides good customer service and quality work at a price that fits your budget.  Don’t overlook a good reputation.  Discussing the options with other pool owners can give you great insight into better choices.

You should carefully review the services that are offered.  Most companies have package rates and you should understand exactly what is and is not included in each package.  In addition to maintenance, you should find out if the company does repairs.  It can be more economical to work with a single company than with two.

Ask about how many employees the company has and whether you will have consistent service from a limited number of people, or if you should expect a different person each time you need something done.  

As you compare prices, look at national averages and compare those to the estimates you receive.  Also be aware of their overall track record, whether they offer a full service including repairs, staff training, and transparency in pricing.  With this in mind, you will make the best decision.

Laughlin Pools is happy to offer a consultation on your pool needs.