There are a number of steps to take to get your pool ready for winter. A frozen pool may cause unprecedented damage without taking precautionary steps. Laughlin Pools recommends that pool owners in Kanata take the following steps to get their pools ready for winter.

  • Get rid of all debris such as bugs and leaves that may clog filters and leave stains in the pool.
  • Clean the walls, steps, and floors of the pool by scrubbing to prevent these surfaces from becoming slimy. Dirt on pool surfaces is a good spot for the growth of algae.
  • Apply winter chemicals to prevent the growth of algae over the winter period.
  • Perform a check of pool equipment.  You can call Laughlin Pools in Kanata to send a professional to perform pool servicing. They will check if the pump is working efficiently by ascertaining the working of the motor, valves, and chlorinators.
  • Drain excess water from pipes/hoses and from heaters and turn off the motor of the heater. Add pool anti-freeze to the hoses and pipes to prevent water from freezing inside of hoses and destroying them.
  • Disconnect the filter and pump, follow up by detaching any hoses that connect to the pump and filter.
  • Perform a check on filters to remove debris trapped there to keep water in the pool clean and sediment-free.
  • Install the pool cover/screens to keep off debris and bugs from getting into the pool. Repair the pool cage which serves to prevent snow from falling on and covering the pool. If you do not have one, Laughlin Pools will procure and install a pool cover or pool cage for your swimming pool. If you even want to swim over the winter season, you will only turn on the heater and enjoy a swim without worrying about snow or debris.
  • Do not forget the regular maintenance of your swimming pool at least once weekly. It is good to check for debris, dirt and regular maintenance from time to time to prevent performing extensive repair and incurring huge expenses.