Weight gain or loss is usually linked to food and exercise. People will gain weight and immediately hit the gym in the hope of shedding off the extra pounds. The opposite is also true; people will result into eating more if they notice that they have lost weight.

However, did you know that hormones can affect your weight? Sudden and large weight fluctuations can be linked to hormonal changes, and if you experience both, you may need to see your doctor. 

Hormones and weight loss

Hormonal imbalances may cause food cravings, impact appetite, and impact fat storage in the body. Therefore, challenges with weight gain or loss may go beyond food and diet, and your hormones may be involved. 

Hormonal imbalances may lead to weight gain or weight loss which calls for professional help in addressing the concerns. We outline how a select number of hormones in the body affect your weight. 


Insulin is responsible for the storage of fat in the body. For effective control of insulin, limit the intake of sugary foods and overeating. You can choose to eat a protein-rich diet to keep your weight in check.


The hormone is responsible for feeling full. In most instances, obese people experience challenges with leptin regulation making it difficult to lose weight. Avoiding inflammatory foods and the inclusion of fatty fish in the diet will improve leptin sensitivity. Another beneficial factor is getting at least seven hours of sleep. 


Cortisol is the stress hormone and is released when under high stress levels. High levels of cortisol may lead to overeating and complicate weight loss efforts. Avoid stressful situations, practice mindfulness, get enough sleep, and eat a balanced diet to keep cortisol levels low. 


Estrogen is the female sex hormone. Extremely high or low levels of estrogen will lead to weight gain. Eating foods rich in fibre, cruciferous vegetables, and regular exercise will manage estrogen levels. 

 HCG Weight Loss

Some hormonal imbalances are difficult to control and may require the input of a doctor. Following relevant tests, the doctor may prescribe medication/therapy such as HCG weight loss in addition to tips provided for effective control of hormone levels. 

If you are unsuccessfully trying to lose weight and think you might be experiencing hormone issues, we advise you to seek professional help.

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