You would like to increase the usability of your outdoor area and you are seriously thinking of adding an ideal deck.  The question then becomes which style would be the ideal.  To begin with, you need to look at the size of the yard.  The smaller the space, the more creative you will need to be.  You also need to look at the terrain including slopes, existing trees, and other issues like nearby streams or existing structures.

There are a number of places that will easily accommodate a deck and are often overlooked:

  • Unused driveway
  • Over a garage
  • Side yard
  • Enclosed like a courtyard
  • Under an existing deck


Some of the styles you will get to choose from include:

  • Attached – The most common placement for an attached deck is at the back of the house frequently moving right off the kitchen area.  Especially if your home is L-shaped, this is a great addition to your living area.  Adding some overhead lattice or awning will provide shade for entertaining or an afternoon respite.
  • Detached or Island – This is a design with a lot of flexibility.  Since it is not attached to the home, it is a freestanding structure.  It can easily be connected with pavers, path, or steps.  A patio would need to have an even, smooth surface, but a detached deck can be adapted to an uneven ground using posts for elevation.  
  • Wraparound – Much like a veranda style porch, this deck can be constructed with some parts larger or smaller than others.  This can create separate areas for play, entertaining, cooking, etc.  With its placement on more than one side of the house, it can follow the sun or shade.
  • Multi-level – This is usually dictated by the slope or elevation of the landscape.  It is a series of decks on different levels usually connected by steps or walkways.


In addition to the traditional attached to the back of the house, think about these possibilities.

  • Side yard – The side of the house is often overlooked as a place for relaxation or entertainment.  Adding a deck off your bedroom will make it a nice way to start the morning or end the day.  Adding some privacy landscaping will give you the seclusion you want and make good use of otherwise wasted areas.
  • Entryway – You don’t need to be restricted to a traditional front porch or stoop.  Think outside the box and fit your entry way using appropriate materials and shape to harmonize with the architectural design of your home.  Adding built in seating and planter boxes, you can create a courtyard that will definitely give curb appeal.

If all of this has piqued your interest and you are ready to move ahead with a new deck, contact us at AZ Landscaping.  We have lots of designs and ideas and are sure we can tailor your final deck to all your criteria.  One of our representatives will be happy to come to your home and discuss the possibilities.