It is recommended that you contact a personal injury lawyer immediately after an injury or occurrence of an accident. The most probable causes of injury include a slip and fall accident on a private or public property and vehicle accident. Talk to Mcnally Gervan immediately to explore your options in getting personal injury compensation. 

Often, people will delay hiring a personal injury lawyer sometimes with poor outcomes when seeking compensation. The big misconception is that insurance companies will automatically take care of the problem or out of the overwhelming circumstances that come with an injury. 

Irrespective of your circumstances, always reach out to a personal injury lawyer the soonest possible to discuss injury compensation. The following are the instances when you should contact a personal injury lawyer:

Your Accident Benefits Application has been denied

Ontario auto insurance policy provides for statutory accident benefits when an accidents.  The benefits are given irrespective of fault and includes medical and rehabilitation benefits, attendant care, and income replacement benefits. 

In unfortunate scenarios, an insurance provider will deny an accident claim based on the findings of an insurer examination and non-compliance. Having a personal injury lawyer look through your claim will identify shortcomings and help amend it accordingly. The lawyer will also help you launch an appeal to the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario after a denial. 

Injury Leads to Substantial Medical Costs

If you suffer major injury as a result of an accident, reach out to Mcnally Gervan, to help you get repaid. It is particularly the case if treatment costs exceed your coverage. A personal injury lawyer will help get you injuries categorized accordingly for purposes of compensation. We’ll help you win sufficient personal injury compensation to cover pain and suffering, lost income opportunity, and healthcare costs. 

Settlement is too Low or Unavailable

Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in evaluating the value of your injuries and assess settlement offers. Do not sign any documents before a lawyer examines the settlement offers. You may end up damaging the chances of getting adequate compensation to cover all your costs. Mcnally Gervan will help you examine the facts of the case and get all available personal injury compensation.