The Workings of a Shared Office


A shared office is a popular option for many professionals nowadays. The shared office space helps to keep both costs and overheads at a minimum hence allowing relative ease of doing of business.

Setting up of a new office is both time-consuming and takes up considerable amounts of money. These are two resources that businesses cannot afford to fully commit towards getting an office. Entrepreneurs and start-ups have adapted to the idea of shared office space to make savings on limited budgets and to free up time that could be spent on their core business. All that is required is to choose a ready office space on premises offering this service. You should also seek to know about other shares services such as an internet, printer/scanner, parking, and even a plug n’ play cabin.

A shared office is often a good option for start-ups and for business seeking to expand their operations. Business people have been lured by the whole idea of shared office space. There are numerous benefits associated with the shared office especially where budgetary constraints are factored.

  • Low overhead costs with access to phone, printing services, and other essential services.
  • IT support
  • The flexibility of operation.
  • Reduced cost of furnishing the office such as no buying of desks and sofas for a waiting lounge.

IT support is a major advantage for startups and other businesses that make use of shared office space. IT services and support are often a challenge for these organizations due to budgetary constraints and few employees. My Byward Office provides readymade solutions so that people and organizations can work easily and effectively. Any challenges with the system in place are addressed by the IT team put in place to ensure that operations in the shared office space are smooth. We guarantee our clients that their data and other information are safe since My Byward Office utilizes reliable security systems and data storage companies.

My Byward Office in Ottawa has created a dynamic environment and this allows individuals and businesses to choose their preferred package depending on their need. The packages range from leasing the office space for hours to leasing for years.

Finally, the shared office space offers an environment where you can interact with other tenants. Through My Byward Office, you may meet your next client and have the opportunity to grow your clientele list and opportunities for innovation and collaboration.


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