One of the highlights of teen and young adult years is earning a driver’s license.  It signals a further step toward freedom and a rite of passage. A major step toward achieving that license is to enroll in a good Ottawa driving school.  There are a number of advantages for using this service:


OttawaDrivingSchool offers courses that cover rules, laws, and techniques.  It is based on safety.  Instructors are patient and professional and the cars are equipped with dual brakes for an added measure of safety.  Programs include basic operation as well as mechanical training.

Using a driving school gives a student both the practical and theoretical applications.  He or she will understand the rules of the road and traffic laws as well as how best to avoid accidents and other problems.  This is a lifetime experience.


Through OttawaDrivingSchool our students learn basic driving along with the good habits that make for a safe driver.  Professional drivers are trained to use techniques that will help the student driver learn and retain solid driving habits.  They begin with the correct procedures and will correct any flaws the student driver has learned from other sources.


As the lessons progress, the student is guided along different types of roads and city streets to prepare the new driver for the driving road test and for a lifetime of safety.

Strong Preparation

With a proper foundation on driving techniques and rules, the new driver is prepared to deal with emergency situations he or she may encounter.  It helps quell the nerves in the first few days in traffic.  It helps with reaction time and lessens confusion.

With continued practice, the driving instructor supervises in a secure, dual-controlled vehicle.  A program like this is invaluable in creating the basis for good driving routines.


Many insurance companies will offer discounts to policyholders whose drivers have successfully completed a driving school program.  Usually, it is necessary to show documentation that the course was taken and successfully passed all the tests before receiving a license.


When attempting a new skill as complicated as driving, it is always best to learn from a professional.  Ottawa City Driver Training is the best choice for a professional approach to this important ability to navigate the roads safely for a lifetime.