A novice will take fourteen months of learning through hourly tuition once per week to complete the driving test standard. However, through the intensive driving courses, learners can take their practical tests after just a single week of driving experience.

By passing the driving test, you make the first step to becoming a good driver. The intensive driving courses offer a very good foundation towards becoming an excellent driver. These courses have gained huge popularity among the public since they help save both time and money.

City Driver offers intensive driving courses in Ottawa which are designed to run full day from nine in the morning to five in the evening. Our instructors provide one-on-one tuition in the training vehicle to ensure that you understand and obtain relevant driving experience. Learners seeking to take their courses with us have different options to choose from depending on their unique requirements.  There are options for those who have never been behind the wheel and shorter courses for those seeking to retake the driving test or improving a specific skill.

People choose intensive driving courses since they offer the best opportunity to learn and improve driving skills. Additionally, people are unable to find enough time to learn driving when juggling with other demands such as work, travel, and school. The intensive driving courses offer the best chance of learning with peace of mind rather than trying to find time and money to take weekly lessons over a long period of time. There are no distractions and the road test can be booked in advance helping you to fully concentrate on becoming a competent driver.

The allure of taking intensive driving courses is the ability to practice the newly acquired skills without confusion. The traditional driving lessons present tempting opportunity to receive advice from well-meaning relations and friends which might not be entirely helpful since they are not professional Ottawa driving instructors. The learner stands to get confused from the conflicting pieces of advice. Intensive driving courses have the benefit of the learner being able to correct any faults straight-away before the poor technique becomes ingrained and firmly set. You will be learning in an excellent setting and with experts on the watch.

Intensive driving courses are commonly used by the military, emergency services and driving instructors for quick acquisition of driving skills. These courses are suitable for you if you have never driven before or have failed to pass a test or want to pass the driving test for work opportunities