The egg donation process has different variables that you must consider without fail. It may be challenging to know everything when choosing an egg donor. Even though there’s no simple answer to your questions, there are considerations you must not overlook.

Choose a Fertility Clinic

You need to choose a reputable clinic that undertakes thorough screening. Fertility March has strict criteria that egg donors must meet to enter our egg donor database. Other decisions are taken by the recipient, who must consider the following when choosing an egg donor. 

Physical Resemblance

Most couples choose an egg donor who closely resembles the female partner for easy blending with their family. Some people will choose not to disclose that they have used an egg donor. That means an egg recipient may not choose a donor with black hair if they are blonde. Other considerations to make during egg donation include weight, height, body size, complexion, and ethnic background.

Family Medical History

Family medical history is yet another factor to consider when choosing an egg donor. We ensure all egg donors are prescreened for genetic disorders, and those who have 0significant history of genetic conditions are eliminated. The key is finding a donor who doesn’t have the same genetic conditions as the recipients. 


Education also counts as the final decision when selecting an egg donor. The recipients will want to see that the donor performed well in school. The recipients rely on a belief that intelligence is passed on genetically and that the same dedication shown in education can be passed on to their child. 

Specific Sparks

Finally, couples will want to look for a spark that resonates with them. The mysterious spark can be how the donor smiles or any other aspect that can’t be described in words. That spark can only be identified by the recipient couple. 

Some clinics work with egg donors who’ve had a successful cycle since they can make use of the same stimulation protocols. They opt not to change a successful formula. Another advantage of working with a repeat donor is the significant reduction in costs since screening tests are already done. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy clinic, we recommend Fertility Match. Working with fertility specialists such as Fertility Match increases the likelihood of success during the egg donation process. They provide all the information you require to choose the right egg donor and fully respect the choice made. It is entirely the decision of the recipient couple, and they must feel comfortable with the decision.