Businesses are always looking to minimize their costs and expenses, maximize efficiency and reduce risks on the face of rising real estate prices and inflation rates.

Expenses that are related to rents, leases, and office infrastructure are a permanent fixture on the balance sheet. The emergence of shared, affordable and flexible office spaces have been a welcome option for businesses. Shared office space has been popular with startups and businesses opening new branches in other cities.

The advantages of shared office space such as that provided by My Byward Office in Ottawa include:

  • Flexibility – shared office space offers the flexibility required to accommodate different team sizes, different types of hierarchies, and various layout requirements. Businesses that have fluctuating employee numbers depending on the project can benefit from shared office space that can be reduced or increased accordingly.
  • IT and Admin Infrastructure – Shared office spaces come with LAN, high-speed internet, desk phones, printers, photocopiers, and video conferencing facilities as standard requirements. Businesses are saved from lots of time, effort, planning and expenses when starting or opening a new branch.
  • Minimal Overheads – Getting shared office space with My Byward Office will do away with expenses related to security deposits, legal expenses, and lease agreements. Businesses taking up space for a few months are saved from uncontrollable factors such as rising power tariffs, city or municipal taxes, and property taxes.
  • Central and Prime Locations – business will always want the most strategic and prestigious addresses in Ottawa. Shared office space makes this possible ensuring better networking opportunities and easier commutes.
  • Networking within the Shared Space – traditional offices do not have the opportunity for networking. Different businesses all sharing the same roof present such an immense opportunity for finding complementary ventures and even opportunity for working together and building strong business relationships.
  • Avoidance of Backend Tasks – shared office space have receptionists who professionally handle administrative requirements such as call forwarding, call handling, mail handling, and greeting and welcoming guests at the reception even in your absence. Your team will concentrate on its core business and remain productive.

Visit My Byward Office if you are searching for an office in Ottawa and get to tour our state-of-the-art shared office spaces that are fully functional and easily customizable.