Dental implants have improved over the last twenty years with advancements in technology. Manufacturers are now able to make dental implants that are reliable and predictable as restorations such as bridges and crowns.

The installation of dental implants at Stittsville Dentists is a two-step process. The first step is the surgical insertion of the titanium root into the jawbone by an oral surgeon. The titanium post will reach just below the gum tissue. A small hole is left above the implant and a healing cap is screwed into the threads of the titanium post to prevent gum tissue growing back over the implant.

Following a period of six weeks, the titanium post will have healed and integrated fully with the jawbone. The titanium post will have good stability after the bone has grown around it and fused with it. The attachment is not similar to that of natural teeth and therefore implants cannot be moved through orthodontics. Stittsville Dentists will carefully plan the number of implants to be inserted in the case of multiple missing teeth.

The restorations that are fixed onto the implant are different depending on the number of missing teeth. For a single missing tooth, an abutment is used to replace the healing cap after the implant is sufficiently healed. A crown is then cemented over the abutment to act just like a natural tooth in the mouth. There can be a number of single-tooth implants adjacent to each other or in different locations of the mouth.

If the number and span of missing teeth are big, it becomes biologically viable and cost effective to insert two or three implants which are then linked with a fixed bridge. The bridge will be supported by abutments screwed onto the implants just as the case with tooth implants.

In the case where the entire set of teeth is missing, a number of implants will be used to support a removable denture. The implants are linked together using a cast metal bar screwed into the implants on short posts. Denture clips are fixed on the underside of the bar between implants. The dentures inserted in this way are more comfortable than the traditional dentures since they rest on the bar rather than on gum tissue. You will not suffer the sore spots common with the traditional dentures. Since the denture is locked in place using clips, it will be very stable and will not slip or shift to completely fall out of the mouth.

The benefits of dental implants make them the best choice for replacing missing teeth. If you are in Stittsville, contact or visit Stittsville Dentists to learn more of the possibilities of getting dental implants and enjoying good dental health.