A perfect smile can go a long way. Not only will others find you more attractive, but you will also have more confidence in yourself, which will improve all of your relationships even more. More than looking better, a good set of teeth can make it easier for you to talk, eat, and use your mouth in a functional way that many people take for granted.

Regular removable dentures can be a great alternative to having no teeth at all, but they definitely have their disadvantages. It is fairly inexpensive to buy plastic dentures, and they can be fit and adjusted regularly. However, they can make talking and eating difficult, and they can be messy and unsightly, considering the adhesives, necessary cleaning, and tendency of food to become trapped between the dentures and the gums.

A new alternative to classic dentures that requires surgery, but could result in you having false teeth that are just about as close to the real thing as you can get. It is called the All-on-4 treatment, and it has produced desirable results for more than 10 years when performed in clinics.

There are plenty of dentists who can perform this procedure in Ottawa. You can ask your family dentist if the All-on-4 treatment would be right for you. If you do not have a regular dentist, check with your insurance provider, or search online.

The process involves installing two tilted posterior implants, and anchoring them in the anterior bones of the mouth. Each of these implants provides stability for the rest of the prosthesis, which is then screwed onto these implants. Implants are placed according to the patient’s individual mouth shape and needs, and the surgery is only minimally invasive.

By placing these implants at an angle, the mandibular nerve and maxillary sinus can be avoided, and left intact. The angle also allows for longer implants to be used, which means there is less need for bone grafting, as the implants can be anchored more easily into the existing bone.

With only four implants overall, this type of treatment allows for shorter healing time. It seems the majority of patients have expressed satisfaction with the procedure and the final product. The surgery involves 3D diagnostics and planning.

The two prostheses are fixed, but flexible. They may be Implant Bridge Titanium and have acrylic veneer, or they may be separate crowns, which are attached to the bridge frame with cement. There is also a removable version, which uses acrylic overdentures on an Implant Bar Overdenture.

Many Ottawa residents could definitely benefit from the All-on-4 procedure. It opens up the possibility for an edentulous patient to walk into the dentist’s office, undergo the treatment, and walk out with a full set of teeth, and a perfect smile. Call a local dental provider to find more information.

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