Some people go for years with missing, damaged, or unhealthy teeth. The health effects can range from pain to overall decline, and sometimes even heart disease. Cosmetically, missing teeth can cause your other teeth to drift out of alignment, and may change the whole structure and overall look of your face, not to mention the unattractive appearance of the missing, discolored or broken teeth themselves.

The results of these health issues and unattractive teeth can be pain, illness, discomfort, and embarrassment. They can negatively affect the way you feel and function from day to day, and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks such as talking and eating.

If you have opted for removable dentures, many of these problems still remain. You will have to deal with messy adhesives, and your teeth will still slip out of place from time to time. You will have to clean them in a cup, and still will need to keep your mouth clean as well, and when food becomes trapped between your gums and dentures, you can end up with more oral health problems. You cannot enjoy many of your favorite foods.

So what is the answer, if your teeth are missing or deteriorating? Many Kanata dentists recommend dental implants, which offer a long-term solution that is as close as you will get to your real teeth. If you are only missing one or a few teeth, you can have single or multiple implants. If more teeth are affected, you may need to have the remaining teeth removed, so that you can have full implants inserted.

When you visit your Kanata-area dental professional, you may be informed of the following advantages of dental implants as compared to other procedures:

  • Implants will last for years, sometimes even a lifetime, with proper care. They can be adjusted as necessary, if there are changes in your mouth.
  • Your implants will not slip out of place when you smile, talk, or eat. They will be as sturdy and stable as your real teeth.
  • Your appearance, and therefore likely your confidence, will see a significant boost. You will find yourself smiling more, and feeling better overall. Your face will be returned to its natural shape and structure.
  • Your mouth will be healthier, with regular brushing and flossing, and you will reduce risk of other health issues, which can be brought on by tooth and gum decay, including jawbone deterioration.
  • You can eat the foods that you have been missing, like corn on the cob or steak. Your teeth will be strong and durable, and you can bite into an apple again.
  • If you have one or a few implants, they will keep your existing natural teeth in line, and prevent damage to the teeth around them, or to the jawbone and gums where the tooth should be.

Even with implants, you will need to brush and floss regularly, and see your dentist as often as recommended – usually twice per year. Although implants are generally more expensive than some other methods, it can be worth it in the long run to spend that extra money. Also, many Ottawa dental professionals offer payment plans that could help you afford whatever procedures you need.

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