A home renovation is stressful.  There is no doubt about that. Good preparation can help with tension and hassle.  If you are planning a renovation or remodel, here are some things to keep in mind:

Communication – Good and open communication is the foundation for a successful project.  Be sure that you understand what your contractor is saying. If you are confused, ask for an example or definition.  If you feel that you are not being understood, state the issue in a different manner. If there is still confusion, table the issue until you can find another way to phrase it, or draw a picture, or find what you want on the internet.

Timeline – Agree on a timeline.  This should show beginning and end dates and major milestones.  Just remember that there are a number of elements that can affect the timeline, like weather, materials unavailable or delayed, illness, or other events.

Remove Furniture and Other Items – Personally remove anything that is valuable or breakable from the area.  Don’t expect a skilled electrician to move that oversized sofa. If you take responsibility for your property, you will feel more comfortable in the long run.  Store any breakables or valuables, including artwork, or items of sentimental value in a safe location. Furniture can be stored in other rooms, basement or garage.  Don’t leave money or jewelry where it could be stolen.

Stay Away – Be sure that especially children and pets stay away from the construction area.  No one wants any accidents. It is nice to be courteous to the workers but tries not to ask too many questions while they’re working, or keep them tied up with a conversation.  It will only delay the completion of the project.

Cover Up – Dust is inevitable.  Keep anything, not movable covered with drop cloths.

Just using a little knowledge and courtesy will make your remodel or renovation project go much smoother.