Massages are not reserved for the elite or for a luxury vacation.  More and more people of all ages and conditions are opting for regular massage therapy in Ottawa to allow them better daily activities and peace of mind.

Soreness or pain – Pain is an indicator that something is wrong.  You should not ignore especially chronic or recurring discomfort. Discuss your soreness with your massage therapist who may be able to apply the correct pressures to help you.

Headaches – Tension headaches are frequently the result of overused muscles or stress.  Keeping work, family, and responsibilities all in balance can be quite a chore. Regular, therapeutic massages can help alleviate these issues and help you feel better.

Training – You are coping with the aching muscles of overtraining for that next marathon or hiking expedition.  A licensed massage therapist can help work out all of those kinks and help you be fit for your next sporting event or adventure.

Limited range of motion – Working in conjunction with a physical therapist, a massage therapist can help you regain the ability to touch your toes or other simple activities.

Poor sleep – Persistent lack of sleep or absence of uninterrupted sleep will take its toll on anyone.  It also puts a greater strain on the body and can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.  Regular massage treatments can promote relaxation and a better sleep regimen.

Circulation – Particularly elderly or less active adults have expressed issues with circulation.  Swollen legs and feet can be a symptom of a more serious condition. Consult with your physician to see if massage can help stimulate the circulation in your lower extremities.  When the condition improves, it can help encourage more walking and other activities.

A good balance of mind and body is critical to a healthy lifestyle in today’s world.