Putting dental implants into a person’s mouth once took years. Now, it takes only a matter of months, days, or hours depending on the scope of the necessary process to return a person’s smile and restore the health of their gums. Understandably, dental implants may not work for everyone, that stated, the procedure for putting dental implants in is a surgical matter and therefore needs great consideration prior to the operation.

What makes a suitable candidate?

Knowing if a person, here in Ontario, is a viable recipient for implant surgery begins first, with the condition of their gums. While decaying or missing teeth give good reason behind getting implants the state of the gums carries more weight in the decision. The cause for this is there has to be enough jaw bone to support the implants.

 As a person’s teeth decay and go missing, (for whatever reason), the gum line diminishes along with the jawbone. This specifically occurs when there is infection present as a result of gum disease. Naturally, if the person’s gums are healthy enough, then implant surgery is the answer to regaining a full set of teeth and restoring their smile.

Other Reasons for not getting implants

If an individual is a heavy smoker, and a drinker, or is a diabetic, or has contracted cancer in the mouth. They are not suitable candidates for implant surgery. While these conditions are major concerns any other type of dental issue needs proper resolution before an implant surgery. This means that if gum disease is present, curing it first is necessary.

The Implant Procedure

Because of technological advances in mechanisms and procedures, the actual surgery has become minimized and less invasive, (in respect to the length of time it takes). There are techniques that allow an individual to receive a set of implants in a single day. This is due to the new technology that allows an Orthodontist to make a 3d model of a patient’s mouth in their facility.

In this light, the time it takes to perform a full restoration has gone from twenty four months to  a few hours. Moreover, once the implant surgery is over, the patient still needs to floss and brush as before in order to maintain the health of their gum tissue. Additionally, the Ottawa Orthodontist will help the patient reevaluate their oral hygiene practices to become more diligent in trying to keep their mouth in a healthy condition.

If you are suffering from tooth decay and thinking about dental implant then consult these Dentists and Orthodontist for a healthier and better smile. 


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