Each cell in the body carries a DNA strand that encodes a wide range of information necessary for life. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid which represents a type of sugar with five carbons and nucleic acid.

From the time of evolution, genes have been passed through generations from our ancestors through ova and sperms. DNA is responsible for similar features in a newborn child passed down from his/her parents.

DNA testing carried out by DNA Medical in Ottawa will besides determining the lineage of a person help in forensic science and determination of genetic disorders in individuals. DNA testing for solving criminal cases is a preserve of forensic science.

Ancestry DNA testing helps to settle our curiosity about our heritage and forefathers. You will get to know our relations and the clan you belong to.

The paternity DNA testing is carried out to ascertain the paternity of a child in situations such as infidelity cases or even in unlawful marriages. Paternity testing determines the biological parents of the child in question.

DNA Medical also carries out genetic testing to determine if an individual carries diseases and ailments from their parents or grandparents. Genetic DNA testing will provide exact details of aspects such as hair color, eye color, height and other aspects of the body. Both ancestry DNA testing and paternity DNA testing make use of genetic testing results to arrive at conclusions.

It is unfortunate that the world is experiencing appalling crimes such as murders and sexual crimes that include rape. DNA testing has helped advance forensic science in its ability to solve crimes so that perpetrators are caught and made to pay for their crimes. DNA testing has helped victims get justice and in the process helped serve as a deterrent to wanton crime. Samples collected from the crime scene such as hair, blood, semen, and saliva have been subjected to DNA fingerprinting to help identify criminals and piece together the involvement of suspects in a crime.

DNA Medical in Ottawa has a modern and highly equipped DNA testing laboratory that will perform tests to meet all your needs.