Possibly you are new to the Manotick area and are looking for professionals for your daily life.  Or, you are simply not satisfied with your current dental practice and you would like to change. 

When determining a good fit for a dental office, there are some things to consider:

  • Qualifications and Experience – Especially if you will be needing some specialized work like restorative dental or extensive work, be sure that the practice is able to accommodate your needs rather than sending you to another dentist.  It goes without saying that you want to be sure the dentist is certified to practice dentistry and any specialties you might need.

Check out any additional certifications the dentist or staff may have.  This includes things like dental sleep medicine.  If you have difficulty with anxiety or concern about pain and discomfort, you may want to determine what measures the dentist’s office has in place, including gas or holistic measures.

See if they belong and participate in any professional associations even if they are not dental related.  It will determine if they are an active part of the community.

  • Quality – Check the website for reviews.  Carefully read any unfavorable comments and see if the dentist replied with a reasonable explanation.  Ask around the office and neighborhood to see if any one has used their services and opinions.

If you are seeking referrals, don’t overlook pharmacists.  Dentists can issue prescriptions for antibiotics and pain relief.  Especially a small, local pharmacy can offer valuable insights.

  • Accessibility – Do the office hours lend themselves to your schedule.  Some dentists offer early morning or later afternoon appointments.  Is the location easily accessible from your home or office?  Is the parking convenient?  Do they offer disability access?
  • Technology – Using the latest equipment means the dentist cares enough about the patients to be able to identify problems earlier.  Keeping up with the latest techniques shows that they are interested in improving themselves as well as the lives of their clients. 

If you or a family member is prone to certain issues like frequent cavities or periodontal disease, be sure these can be handled efficiently.

  • Emergencies – Ask about their policy for emergencies.  If an emergency does crop up, are they able to help with the anxiety and emotions that may accompany the situation?  Making the patient and family feel at ease and secure is as important as the procedures used.
  • Cost – The price is always an issue.  Confirm their rates and whether or not they accept payment from any dental insurance you may carry.

Once you have narrowed down your choices of a family dentist, we suggest you drop into Manotick Main Dental office to pay a visit and meet their friendly staff.  You can also make an appointment to discuss your options and to clarify any details that might be outstanding.  Be sure they are accepting new patients, especially if you have multi-generations to consider or any special needs.