Hair Colour Trends for Blonds 

Golden Apricot – All the shades of gold are hot this year, and when you go for the golden apricot look, your hair will include three shades, including apricot, lighter blond and light brown. With the light copper gold incorporated, the hair will take on a bit of a pastel look. To make this colour style a bit deeper overall, dark amber can be pieced in, as well as gold highlights.

Rose Gold – This colour technique involves the use of pinkish bronze and multidimensional blonde. This is another pastel set. The rose gold look requires less frequent maintenance than your typical colouring, so you can save yourself some time and money at the salon.

Honey Blonde – This colour is very simple. It is just a combination of blonde and brown, and the overall appearance lies somewhere between the two natural colours.

Hair Colour Trends for Brunettes 

Brown Sugar – This colour looks best on those with warm skin undertones and eye color. It is a more blonde-like version of dark brown hair, as the darker tones are maintained, but lighter highlights are placed throughout.

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Ribbons – Ombre colouring is utilized in this style, which chocolate brown and caramel or butterscotch highlights. The two tones together give hair a great deal of shine, richness and dimension.

Chestnut Brown – A more classic look, this colour is achieved through use of a combination of warm and cool browns. Chestnut hair can range from somewhat lighter brown to darker brown, and all look great with walnut highlights.

Hair Colour Trends for Redheads

Copper Penny – Just the basic copper colour of a penny is a major hit this year. You can also go with copper penny strands to add warmth to a lighter shade of red, which will greatly complement paler skin.

Fiery Red – Bright red with dimension added through the application of violet tones will eliminate the orange that is present in copper tones. This type of colouring will add to the hair’s health, maintaining moisture and protein and keeping balance of the pH levels. It also lasts longer than some other colours.

Deep Auburn – This colour is often used in the fall, but the brown and red combination has stayed popular throughout this year as well. A subtle copper family colour can add dimension to this look.