Health Benefits of Practicing Kickboxing and MMA


Kickboxing is a relatively modern martial art style that is a combination of karate, boxing, Thai boxing, and Muay Thai. Practicing kickboxing gives a total body workout that will entails repetitions of jabbing, punching and kicking movements.

Kickboxing training sessions will help improve strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination. These sessions will help with the management and reduction of stress, anger and frustration. The outlined benefits of kickboxing have attracted people to take up the sport as well as MMA with gyms and training centers cropping up in Ottawa. The training offered in these gyms is both professional and tailored for individual needs and requirements.

History of Kickboxing

Kickboxing has a longer history compared than mixed martial arts (MMA) which traces its origins to the 1970s. Training sessions and classes for kickboxing and MMA differ depending in the gym and instructor but typically starting with warm up exercises and ending with stretches to cool down. The main sessions will vary between practicing kicking/punching combinations, jumping jacks, shuffling, abdominal exercises, and calisthenics.

Equipment required for MMA and kickboxing will mainly be gloves, sweat suits, shorts, vests, and protective gear. Special martial art shoes or wrestling shoed can be worn or you could prefer to practice barefoot.

Choose Tina Takahashi in Ottawa for the best professional training in kickboxing and MMA. We have the best instructors who are qualified and have accumulated a lot of experience in the MMA world. We offer tailor-made training sessions as the requirements and special needs of individual learners. Our rates are reasonable and trainees can learn MMA or kickboxing within their budgetary constraints.

There are basic guidelines that must be considered before joining a kickboxing or MMA class. Evaluate your current fitness levels since you should not engage in comprehensive exercises if you have not engaged in any physical activity over a very long time. To avoid the risk of injury, prepare by engaging in easy exercise routines and working up to the strenuous levels gradually. The biggest secret to avoiding negative health impact is to avoid excessive exercises. Follow the instructions of Tina Takahashi trainers so that you can learn and perfect the techniques in kickboxing and MMA.


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