Egg donation is not easy. Although it is a beautiful way of helping people who cannot have a baby without medical assistance, it is a complicated process involving many medical procedures, legal concerns and personal commitment. 

If you are considering becoming an egg donor, you should be prepared for all the consequences of this decision. Before donating your eggs, you will have to go through many exams, tests, and medications, not to mention the emotional charge with the approval process. 

What is involved

Egg donation is an extensive and invasive process that involves many challenges, both physical and psychological, but that changes families’ lives. Women who decide to become egg donors do it for many reasons; some might just need the money, some might just want to help a couple have a baby. No matter why you are considering it, this is a big decision that needs to be thought carefully and examined with as much information as possible. 

About the financial compensation, you must know you will not be paid for your eggs. You will receive compensation for the time and energy your putting into the process. Sometimes, egg donation is referred to as being safe, but there are some risks and a lack of long-term studies about how donating your eggs affects your health in the future.  

Another important part of the process is the legal agreements. It is a good idea to hire a lawyer to help you out with the legal matters, as the clinic will probably have a lawyer representing them. If you hire a lawyer they will read and analyze the contract before you sign it and will and protect your interests.

What happens before the donation

After you decided to donate your eggs, chose the agency and clinic you will work with, it is time to start the process itself. Before going through surgery, you will go through stages that will verify if you are a suitable choice for donating eggs and will give the intended parents all the information about you. They need to decide who is the appropriate donor for them. 

Medical exams and records

The examinations will be like your annual well check and pap smear, but maybe a little more thorough. 

Be prepared to answer lots of questions about the medical history of both you and your family. Be honest about any past drug abuse, dangerous behaviour, and general information about your parents, siblings, and grandparents’ physical and mental health. Family health records are essential, so if you can’t provide this type of detail, you might not be able to donate.

Blood tests

You will also have to go through basic blood tests. This will show your overall health and test for communicable diseases like HIV, hepatitis A, B and C, etc. You might also be asked to do some genetic testing. If you are married, your partner might also be tested for STDs and HIV (as well as some screenings).

Pelvic Ultrasound 

You will go through a pelvic ultrasound (also known as transvaginal ultrasound) to estimate your fertility potential and your ovaries’ health; this will happen several times later on in the cycle to monitor your ovaries’ stimulation. 

Psychological Tests

This will happen specifically to make sure you are able to understand the process and risks. It will also help you consider all of the emotional and ethical regards of donating your eggs. Some agencies also ask for personality and IQ tests. In case you are married, your partner will also go through some psychological tests to make sure they fully understand the process and endure your decision.

Personal information

When choosing a donor, families have many criteria. That is why they will want to know as much as they can about you, your hobbies, education, and physical attributes, as many families search for donors who have similar features as them. 

Making up your mind

Donating your eggs is a complicated process. You will go through many medical exams, blood tests, ultrasounds, and abdicate many things during the process that can take months. This is a big responsibility and there are some risks. If you are considering becoming an egg donor, think about that before making up your mind. On the other hand, think about how much happiness you can bring to a family that dreams of having babies. It is a big decision to make. If you want more information about being an egg donor, check out Fertility Match, a fertility agency with years of experience in the fertility sector.