Can you do laser hair removal during summer? Yes, you can! You can totally have a laser hair removal Ottawa procedure performed on you during summer. So if you want to look smooth, hairless, youthful, and not in the least bit weird when you hit the beach or your favorite local pool in summer, you should visit Dermis Advanced Skin Care clinic and ask for a laser hair removal procedure.

Many people (both women and men) prepare themselves for summer by getting a hair removal procedure done on their legs, arms, armpits, chests, chins, and nether regions. This makes them look and feel more attractive and confident when they put on a swimwear or revealing summer-wear. And while there are several hair removal options, laser hair removal is the safest option and produces the best results. Learn more about laser hair removal in Ottawa in the sections below.

How Safe Is Laser Hair Removal During Summer

Laser hair removal during summer is quite safe. Many people think that it is not safe because in the past the general advice was that you should avoid being exposed to the sun before and after a laser hair removal procedure. This advice was given for a good reason because the laser technology for hair removal was pretty basic. The technology could not really focus and target hair follicles accurately. Therefore, there was always the risk that getting exposed to the sun before the treatment could affect its effectiveness, and that getting sun exposure after treatment could lead to irritation and damage to the skin.

While the above advice was useful when the laser hair removal technology was still basic, it is now obsolete. Skin specialists and laser hair removal experts no longer advise avoiding the sun. This is because the current laser hair removal technology is advanced and it targets hair follicles very precisely. Therefore, there is usually little to no risk when you get sun exposure before or after the procedure.

How Effective Is The Modern Laser Hair Removal Technology

If you visit the ultra-modern Dermis Advanced Skin Care clinic in Ottawa, you will be treated using the very latest laser hair removal technologies. The technologies can effectively remove hair in any part of the body including the armpit hair, leg hair, facial hair, pubic hair, chest hair, and so on. Modern laser hair removal technologies are pretty effective against any hair particularly if it is dark and coarse.

Is There No Need To Avoid The Sun If Going For Laser Hair Removal In Summer?

Well, as mentioned, modern laser hair removal is pretty accurate and precise. However, there is a risk of scarring or burning if you get a laser hair removal done on you less than 72 hours after sun exposure. Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid the sun before a laser hair removal treatment. Also, avoid the sun for 72 hours after treatment to minimize irritation and burning the treated part of your skin.

What Are The Outcomes Of Laser Hair Removal?

If you visit a professional clinic for professional laser hair removal in Ottawa, you will achieve between 95 and 100 percent hair removal. This usually depends on your age, health, and genetics. Many people achieve 100 percent hair removal and hair often does not grow back until many months later.