In-home care providers do more than taking care of a senior’s home and other minutiae of day-to-day life. They also serve the important role of being companions for those they have been hired to help. In many ways, the caregivers at Global Healthcare Services Ottawa are friends rather than hired assistance. Compassion, caring and a genuine interest in the quality of your senior loved one’s life makes our caregivers truly great.

This isn’t to say that homemaking and personal care services aren’t absolutely essential. They are, but so is making sure that your loved one feels appreciated and respected. In addition to these services, the caregivers can play their favorite games with them, accompany them to social events or just keep them company in their home.

The philosophy is that respect, compassion and socialization are essential to the well-being of seniors and all who experience in-home recovery and other in-home healthcare services. Seniors need to be engaged and active because their emotional health is just as important as their physical health. This is what we call “Interactive Caregiving.”

This highly involved method of in-home caregiving leads seniors to a higher quality of life in terms of both mental and physical wellness. At Global Healthcare Services, the aim to match seniors with caregivers who have similar personalities and interests-so they get along as friends would, not just two strangers who have been set up together. A senior and their care provider should be familiar and friendly with each other, and interactive caregiving enables exactly that.

Mundane daily activities can be made interactive with the presence of an engaged caregiver, and helps to:

  • Keep people strong
  • Improve overall mental and physical health
  • Reduce injury
  • Stave off depression
  • Combat symptoms of dementia

The caregivers will learn your loved one’s routines and preferences, so they experience less interruption in their expected schedule. Stability and consistency are also important in the in-home recovery process.

The Benefits of Recovering at Home

Familiarity makes many seniors feel more at ease. Being surrounded by their personal artifacts in a home that they have made their own over the years naturally makes them feel better about their circumstances. Memories, photographs and trinkets can be greatly comforting, and help provide the caregiver with a bit more insight into the person that they are caring for.