Interestingly, choosing the type of flooring in a newly constructed Ottawa home is one of the most time consuming steps during the process. In an existing house, changing the flooring is an arduous task in cases where, if the floor is wood, needs repair. In these scenarios, carpeting over a worn floor is not always a good idea.

This is because if the decision to revert back to the wood ever takes place it becomes and expensive task. Therefore, it may be in your best interests to fix the wood flooring and use area rugs as a covering. Where an Ottawa house already has carpeting in some of the rooms, changing or upgrading it may seem rather easy, at first.

 However, once confronted with the myriad of choices in material, construction, and colour, choosing what you want depends on your taste and style. In certain design schemes, some may prefer to have a type of tile throughout parts of the house. This can range from linoleum to ceramic tiles, or even the on the high end granite or marble tiles.

The kitchen, mudroom, shower room, and laundry room are where tile typically goes. Accordingly, the different materials and textures of the carpeting or tile in your Ottawa home can change the look and feel of the overall interior design. Nonetheless, the following aspects should carry some weight in the decision process,

  • Consider the high traffic areas of the house
  • The overall interior design and finding the flooring to match or accent the design
  • The comfort, is it pleasant to walk on
  • What are the maintenance requirements of the flooring chosen

Naturally, answering these queries leads you to pick the material, (wool, polypropylene, or nylon), the style, (cut pile, loop pile… plush,), and whether you want solid colours or patterned colour carpeting. Surely, by now, you are aware of the many choices available when deciding on the right carpet and or tile for your home. Fortunately, when you go shopping at any of the local carpet and tile stores in Ottawa, the staff will provide more information on the durability of the different materials available.

Keep in mind that the type of flooring in a house affects the value. That said, it also adds to the comfort. This brings us to the importance of the padding that goes between the slab and the carpet. The padding acts as a buffer, softening the surface and an insulator, which helps regulate temperature.

The importance of making the right choices that fit your lifestyle, comfort, and taste in the flooring you want in your Ottawa home will last as long as you decide to live with them. Remember to consider the room décor, size, and the amount of foot traffic expected. Choosing the tile and or carpet for your home can be fun and exciting when creating the desired look and environment for the interior of your home.

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