The New Trend of Modular Homes


Modular homes derive the name from the modules or sections that are prefabricated and used to construct the home. The modules are manufactured in a remote location and transported to the construction site. The modules are assembled and joined together into a residential building with the use of cranes and trucks.

The modules are constructed in standardized dimensions and units which make it easy to build houses and other structures. The modular structures are gaining popularity owing to their easy portability and low cost of construction.

Modular houses can be put to many different uses right from temporary to long term permanent facilities. The houses are the best solution for remote and rural areas where traditional construction methods are not feasible. The material can be sourced from reputable suppliers and transported to the site which facilitates savings and easier, faster construction to cut back on project time. Efficiency is increased when working with modules since their construction takes place indoors away from the elements.

The modules are manufactured within a unique indoor facility where the process is highly mechanized and automated to facilitate easier movement of components and modules from place to another over an assembly line track. The process is inspected from time to time by independent building inspectors to ascertain that building codes are followed to the letter.

After the manufacture of the modules at the factory, they are transported to the construction site for assembly. It may take a few hours or even days to properly assemble the modules to have a house as the finished product. The modular home is indistinguishable from the homes constructed using traditional methods.

The traditional construction methods require a lot of preparation work before proper construction of the home commences. Other factors that may extend the duration of construction are contractor scheduling and the weather. Challenges with contractor scheduling will also cause higher costs of labor and greater construction spending for material replacement.

Modular homes have helped prevent the occurrence of many of these challenges during construction. The net effect is the reduction of the amount of time and money spent over the construction process. The longevity of the modular homes will lead to an increase in the value of your property.

Modular homes can be constructed on about any foundation surface such as basements, crawl spaces, standard slab at grade or stilts. Homeowners have the choice of finishing up the exterior wall surface in a style or choice that satisfies their preferences.


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