It is estimated that about 75 percent of adults and teens have gone through orthodontic treatment at some point in their lives. Brackets and wires have become a common occurrence but you must not have to live with the brace face.

Invisalign braces are a better option in straightening and aligning teeth with the efficacy of traditional braces but without the wires and brackets. Wellington Village Orthodontics in Ottawa provides orthodontic treatment using Invisalign. These are some of the benefits of getting Invisalign to straighten your teeth.

Near Invisible Look

The invisible Invisalign braces are not easily discernible since they do not make use of brackets or wires. The Invisalign system makes use of a series of mouth-guard like trays that are transparently worn both day and night over the duration of treatment. Teens and other people who are conscious about their looks can benefit from this orthodontic treatment.

Better Comfort

The traditional braces can be very uncomfortable since the brackets are fixed onto your teeth using durable glue and cannot move. These brackets will be rubbing against your gums and lips causing great discomfort. Invisalign braces are comfortable since they are designed to custom fit into the mouth and are removable when eating.

Shorter Treatment Duration

The treatment time for traditional braces will be dependent on the severity of orthodontic problems and can range from one to three years. However, the Invisalign system has a treatment time of between one year and one and a half years. The shorter treatment time is a big advantage which makes Invisalign the preferred orthodontic treatment in Ottawa.

Fewer Visits to the Dentist

Unlike with the traditional braces where you must visit the dentist every one or two months, you will be visiting Wellington Village Orthodontics over a few appointments to complete treatment using Invisalign. You will be replacing the Invisalign trays every two weeks. No more hassles of honoring numerous dental appointments in the attempt to get a perfect smile.