Orthodontics is basically a special dentistry branch that deals with the development as well as management of abnormalities and irregularities of the jaws, teeth, and even face. Its main objective is to offer individuals a stellar smile, together with a functional and healthy bite, hence developing a higher resistance to ailments and enhancing self-confidence as well as personal appearance.

This is all achieved through the use of braces, either removable or fixed, to fix the bite ad straighten teeth. Both grownups and kids can benefit from such treatment.

Once installed, braces function by exerting extremely gentle pressure to the teeth, which gradually moves them to the desired position. The duration of treatment is determined by the seriousness of the case but most treatments normally last between only one to two years. You, however, need to visit your orthodontist after every 6 to 8 weeks to get your braces adjusted.

For best results from orthodontic treatment, you have to offer maximum cooperation and be fully committed to the process. Patients that fail to attend all their appointments or those who don’t put on elastics when required to don’t often get the desired outcomes.

Some cases might require a few teeth to be pulled out in order to create space to align the remaining teeth. Orthodontists, nonetheless, try to reduce the number of teeth they have to remove by utilizing the latest methods and appliances for treatment.

At the conclusion of a fixed appliance treatment, every patient is given retainers. Retainers are removable braces that have to be worn as directed by the orthodontist in order to maintain the straight alignment of your teeth as they settle to their new position. Failure to put on these retainers might result in your teeth shifting position and getting misaligned once again.