Not everyone in Ottawa or Gatineau really understands how to get balance in their lives. The balance is between the spiritual being that we all are and the physical being that we are. Just because you may feel that your spiritual needs are met because of some religious affiliation, it does not mean that you have balance in your life.

Life takes both the physical and psychological aspects of a person to deal with. We get stressed because of work, our children, our social standings, and among other things, our own needs, and wants. In the same light, a person’s wellness comes from their balance between their mental and physical states, which are dependent on whether they have reached their life goals while living in Ottawa or Gatineau.

We all need a release to help us decompress from our  lifestyle and the self-imposed pressures we place on ourselves trying to make ends meet. The only path to take is to focus on self-reflection. This means, for the individual, to sit down in a quiet room and take an introspective look at where their life is at that moment in time, and ask the following questions.

  • What are the things you have the ability to change: have you met your life goals?
  • Why have you not reached them: what took so long for you to realize that the change is necessary?
  • How do you know, deep down, that it is time for a change: what do you have to feel, hear, or see in order for you to recognize something different must be done?
  • What is the change based on, using what criteria do you attribute to the need for change?
  • Who can you trust to support you and help in realizing the changes; Are you prepared to make them?

These questions are a partial list of what you should ask yourself. In some instances, a close family member is the answer to the last question, however, sometimes it is better to get help from someone who can be more objective to your situation, such as an Ottawa  or Gatineau wellness or life coach. They can help you determine where the imbalance exists and guide you back to the path where you can find your peace of mind.

A lot of us suffer from not reaching the goals we set for ourselves. Thus, we feel unbalanced or incomplete, without knowing why. One reason is we do not always understand that our goals need intent. Without intent, our goals are just words on a piece of paper or in our heads.

Furthermore, a wellness coach will ask more questions to facilitate pinpointing the issues that are causing the lack of balance in your life, as well as offer suggestions on how to find a remedy. In Ottawa or Gatineau, as well as anywhere else, life is a bumpy road to travel and some of us get beat up and distracted along the way little more than others. This causes us to lose focus and settle into things that, in the back of our heads, do not fit into our initial path.