Ottawa Dining and Shopping


Ottawa certainly has no shortage of fine eateries and exceptional places to shop. Whatever your favorite cuisine, you can find excellent choices in the area, and you can go pick up some items at a small and sophisticated boutique or opt for visiting one of the city’s premier shopping sections.

Ottawa’s restaurant scene has been growing rapidly over the last several years, and tourists have definitely taken notice. Fine dining of all varieties can be enjoyed, whether you are in the mood for Chinese, French, Italian or something else.

You can opt for small meals or large, places with faster service or those that serve a feast for a large group, and pretty much everything in between. The best part is that the local restaurants also work with local food producers – in an initiative called Savour Ottawa – to ensure that they are putting fresh food, native to the Ottawa region, on every table.

It’s no wonder that Ottawa’s food choices are so extensive and pleasing, as Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute is located in downtown Ottawa, in the Sandy Hill neighborhood. The school also has a Bistro, where French food delights may be enjoyed.

Of course, the food isn’t the only draw to this city. The shopping options range from giant malls to small, unique stores and gift shops, so you can find something to satisfy all your buying needs.

The Rideau Centre, located downtown, offers 150 stores. The ByWard Market, found in the Downtown Rideau district, is an area prevalent with craft stores and boutiques. Also downtown, the country’s oldest mall for pedestrians.

The Bayshore Shopping Centre and many outdoor stores are available on the west side, while the east side has two malls, St. Laurent Shopping Centre and Place d’Orleans.

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