Basement renovations in Ottawa will increase the value of your home, as well as ensuring that you have a new, additional living space. Basements can be redesigned to meet your needs with new additions such as a bedroom, a bathroom, a play area or whatever else you can think of!

A lot of work goes into renovating a basement, starting from prepping right, to the actual renovation job. You must order your tasks properly to avoid forgetting some items and processes that would derail the basement renovation project. Follow these steps for a successful basement renovation project.

Utility Areas are Not Finished

Many homeowners want to finish the entire basement to make it appealing. However, utility areas such as those around water heaters and HVAC units should not be finished. Special building codes govern the spacing and framing of these areas that require regular inspections and repairs. A half-wall or curtain can do the trick when renovating the basement.

Address Water Issues

Identify potential water issues in the basement such as leaks and flooding before the commencement of the renovation project. No one wants a leak to happen and affect the basement and its finishing. Inspect the foundation for cracks and have them addressed by a professional. Grade the lawn away from the foundation to keep it water-proof.

Decide Where to Install Extra Outlets

The original design of the basement has few central outlets for dryers and washers. Decide and identify where to install additional outlets depending on the use of the newly renovated basement.

Get Relevant Permits 

A basement renovation project requires permits depending on the scale of renovation, applicable zoning laws, and building codes. Apply for permits once all the basement plans are ready.

Get Rid of Junk

Clean out the basement so that renovation work can begin in earnest. Carefully go through all your stuff to determine what needs to be kept and what needs to be disposed of. You will be making a major decision with regard to junk kept in the basement. Have a plan to deal with the junk and debris generated during the renovation project.