Chips and cracks caused by rocks can be repaired. Cracked windshield repair is carried out to achieve the following:

  • Prevent further cracking
  • Improve safety while driving, and
  • Minimize glare that may distract when driving.

Windshield repair is preferred to windshield replacement to eliminate problems that include wind whistle, windshield failure upon airbag deployment, and leaking. These problems are brought about when windshields are not installed according to manufacturer specifications and the installation work is performed by untrained or poorly trained windshield replacement technicians.

For high-quality repair of chips and cracks, windshield technicians must be trained to acquire the necessary expertise to perform repairs that preserve the structural integrity of the windshield and that look good. Bad repairs happen when the improper techniques are utilized in the repair process. Bad looking windshield repair should be well examined to prevent the risk of windshield failure and the eventual replacement of the windshield.

The proper windshield repair technique calls for the removal of air and moisture that enter the chip or crack at the point of impact or over a period of time. The removal of air and moisture requires that a vacuum is created within the crack or the chip. Improper repair technique such as dropping of resin will always fail. Remember that anybody can put a drop of resin on the chip or crack and call that windshield repair.

The creation of a vacuum in the crack or chip requires the use of specialized equipment called injectors that are able to apply a strong vacuum as well as inject resin for a proper and complete repair of the crack. The entire process takes just a short period of time.

  1. The injector/vacuum apparatus is placed on the crack or chip. When the equipment is placed in vacuum mode, it will get rid of the air and moisture in the crack. The creation of the vacuum will take about ten minutes and will take longer if moisture still remains in the crack where heating is done to vaporize the moisture. The entire vacuum and heating process may take up to 20 minutes.
  2. The injector is then prepared to inject resin into the chip/crack to complete the windshield repair process. The injector requires to be cycled between the vacuum mode and injector modes to ensure that the resin completely fills the chip/crack.
  3. Following the injection of resin, a plastic mylar cover path is applied using pit filler. This process is only completed where necessary.
  4. Curing is the final process which helps to harden the resin. Time taken for the curing process will depend on the set temperature and will vary from 5-7 minutes. The excess resin is then removed through the use of a razor blade and the surface polished for optimal optical quality.

With proper technique and adherence to the process above, The Mobile Auto Glass Shop will properly complete the repair and the windshield will be as good as new. If the repair is poorly done, then you are stuck with the problem since the same spot cannot be repaired again.

The Mobile Auto Glass Shop in Ottawa will provide you with information and windshield repair services that guarantee that you will not have issues with the repaired spot again.