To begin we must consider that the manufacture of wrought iron is rare as there are other process that produce the same strength of steel. Nevertheless, finding actual wrought iron is still something that can be done here in Ottawa. Accordingly, once an outlet is located the use of the wrought iron should be determined before putting in an order for any type of custom work. The different uses fall into a few categories.

  • Ornamental
  • Stair railing
  • Balcony railing

Let us start with the ornamental use. Wrought iron makes a great security measure when it is placed on the outside of the windows of a home, while not seen that much, it does an air of the ornate and style to a well built home in Ottawa. Wrought iron gates, while being a great utility can also fall under this category depending on the design. Low rails are found around public gardens and as such are a great addition to a backyard or front yard as an accent to the landscape.

Another method of using wrought iron in a home is to have a wrought iron railing for an inside or an outdoor staircase. Understandably, in this type of application we see wrought iron railings on the stairs that may lead up to the main entrance of the house, or even along the back stairs leading out of the back door of the same. This same application works well for Ottawa businesses that have a building with steps leading to the main entrance.

The last application in our list above is normally seen on larger buildings throughout Ottawa with faux or real balconies. The wrought iron being a rail of some level of ornamental design. As such a wrought iron rail can also work as a room separator, although a permanent one, again this is something typically found in the larger home that may have a arboratory in the middle of the home for self edification.

Wrought iron, of course, also makes a wonderful fence line when the posts, or separators that are made of brick, while the wrought iron carries an almost gothic approach to the design along with the addition of a gate filled with fleur-de-lis style designs embedded between the upright railing. Being aware of the many ways to use wrought iron brings you closer on how you would use it to fit your own tastes.

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