How To Secure Your Home with Residential Fencing


Sadly, in today’s world everyone needs to have some level of security, if not to just protect their Ottawa home and belongings, but, in addition to protecting their family. This makes having the right fence on your property an important aspect of added security for your peace of mind. In most scenarios, the rear of the home is most vulnerable to security risks. This is because whatever occurs in the most backyards is unnoticeable from the front or street side of the home.

A lot of Ottawa families will have a privacy fence installed that is constructed from wood which will give plenty of protection for prying eyes and possible intruders. One reason this works is the design of the fence panels in addition the strength of the gates or access points from the front of the home. A privacy fence is tall, around 2 meters or 6 ft which is sufficient enough to block the view from the street. However, using metal as a material for a fence, while having the ability to keep intruders out, will not provide privacy unless the metal fence is a specific design, such as a chain link fence combined with vinyl slats that fill the spaces between the fence wires making up the links.

With these two choices in mind, a wooden privacy fence and the chain link, vinyl combination, you become aware of the different looks that come from these styles of fence materials. On the other hand so to speak, Wrought Iron fencing as a third choice, can work to keep intruders from entering and work well to dress up an Ottawa property where privacy is no issue. Additionally, wrought iron fencing is better to surround the property with, front to back. What helps keep intruders from climbing this type of fence is it comes with pointed vertical bars, normally a decorative fashion,  which can impale someone who may attempt to negotiate climbing over.

The choices for home security features here in Ottawa, that include fencing, can take a lot of  planning, contingent on the crime rate of the region and to what level of privacy and security is really necessary for the home. Naturally, the security measures found in a diplomats home will be different than a person’s home who works in a manufacturing plant. Regardless, of these factors adding a fence to a property should supply a level of security and aesthetics, enough to add value to the property.

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