Playing Golf for fun and fitness after a stroke


The sport of golf is probably a mixture between the easiest and most difficult activity a person here in Ottawa may ever want to take part in. When you think about it, the sport is physically demanding from the standpoint of all the walking, and swinging that goes into trying to hit a small ball in the desired direction and distance. Nevertheless, playing golf is relaxing because it is an outdoor activity and is played in a leisurely manner without a time limit like soccer, or hockey.

Many people here in Ottawa take up playing golf as a way to get into shape or to maintain their health. In view of this, certain health conditions that some individuals may suffer, such as a stroke, tend to limit their ability to take part in certain types of physical activities that may ignite the condition. However, playing golf after suffering from a stroke is possible, in particular if you have played prior. Not all stroke victims suffer from irreversible conditions, which is why they receive physical therapy afterwards.

 Depending on the severity of a stroke, most people in Ottawa have the ability to get back out on a golf course and continue to enjoy the sport. Albeit, getting back to the level of play they may have reached before may take some time. Nonetheless, having a stroke does not mean that all of a person’s activities must come to a complete halt.

On the contrary, this should motivate them to take an interest in the root cause of the condition, and work to avoid having a repeat episode, so to speak. When looking closer at how golf is played, you will notice a lot of focus goes into body mechanics and position. These aspects help focus the mind and it becomes meditative.

Additionally, taking this a step further, visualization methods become part of executing the perfect swing, thus allowing the individual to hit the ball with correct form, (body position and mechanical motion). Combine all of these aspects and you get a form of physical therapy that will help any Ottawa stroke victim return to the condition they were in prior to the incident.

If you are planning to have some fun experience and want to get fit by playing golf then consider these Ottawa Golf courses:



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