Garage floor coating is all-the-rage right now in Canada. Why? Because people love how well coated garage floors look. They are a thing of beauty especially if done by a professional company like ours. Coated garage floors are also safer and more durable when compared to ordinary garage floors. In this article, we will give you six reasons why you should coat your garage floor.

1. Coated Garage Floors Look Amazing

The number one reason why more and more people are coating their garages right now is to make them look good. A quality and well-done epoxy coating can turn your drab-looking garage into a showroom. A variety of epoxy coating textures and colors exist to suit every taste.

They include solid colors of every shade from nearly every shade of blue, yellow, and green to decorative finishes that look like slate, granite, and other surfaces. Whatever color or texture you choose, it will most likely be better than what you have right now.

2. Coated Garage Floors are impact Resistant

Quality epoxy coating is thick and hard when it is cured. This means those who have it do not fret when they drop anything heavy or hard on it. Because the thickness of the coating makes it resistant to surface abrasion, impacts, and many chemicals.

In some cases, the coating is so resistant that you can literally drag a toolbox on it and it will not leave any marks. And with epoxy coating, no matter how rough you treat your floor, it will last longer and will almost always look great.

3. Coated Garage Floors are protected against Peeling and Lifting 

Ordinary paint on garage floors can lift and peel. This almost always leads to an ugly-looking floor over time. And the peels can be dangerous as they can make the floor slippery. In contrast, coated garage floors do not peel or lift. The coating is hardened and bonded to the floor so it is very unlikely for it to peel or lift on its own.

Coated garage floors don’t peel because they are usually bonded in an elaborate process that prevents peeling. The process begins with grinding the garage floor to remove any paintings and to open it up for epoxy to penetrate deeply when applied. And after applying the epoxy is left for a while to cure. The end result is a tough and durable floor that lasts for years.

4. Garage Floor Coating Improves Safety

Many injuries that occur are due to slip and fall accidents. Garage floors can get wet from rain, snow, or spills making them slippery. Peeled or lifted painting can also make them slippery. The slipperiness can cause you to fall if carrying groceries from your car or it can make your kids fall when they are running around the place.

You can prevent slipperiness by getting anti-slip finish epoxy coating. This finish will create friction and make it difficult for you or your kids to slip even when the floor is wet.

5. Garage Floor Coating Covers Flaws and Cracks in the Concrete

Does your garage floor have flaws or cracks? Well, instead of calling a builder to repair that small area, you can get the cracks sealed and permanently fixed by calling us to coat your floor.

Epoxy coating is hard and thick. It can be used to fill any cracks on the floor. Professional epoxy coating installers like our technicians can prep your floor appropriately and apply the coating in such a manner that will make it difficult for you to tell or remember where exactly the cracks on your floor were.

6. Garage Floor Coating Makes the Floors Easier to Clean

For most homes, the garage is usually the dirtiest room in the house. Grime, oil, and dirt from your car sit on your garage floor. Snow and mud are also usually all over garage floors. If your garage is your workshop, then debris from whatever you are doing will also be on the floor.

It is difficult to clean ordinary concrete garage floors with oil, grime, dirt, and other stuff. However, the case is different with epoxy coated floors. This is because such floors are resistant to grime, dirt, dust, and moisture. So such things do not stain it and are easier to clean off with a garden hose.

Final Word

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your garage floor then it most likely means you want to convert it into a man cave, a workshop, or a home office. If this is the case then the six reasons above should make it clear to you why floor coating is the best way to do so. The epoxy coating will almost instantly improve how your garage looks. It will also make your floor safer, easier to clean, and more durable. Contact Garage Perfect Ottawa today for professional garage floor coating.