Natural light can bring be a wonderful source of heat and a pleasing mood setter in your home. The key is to determine what angles the sun enters at and find a way to make the most of it. Here are some ways you can use sunlight as a positive element in your décor.

Direction of the Light

To take full advantage of the sunlight, you need to think about which direction the light comes from, in each room, and how the angle changes throughout the day. Here are some ideas for each direction:

·         North – Rooms that face this direction tend to get mostly indirect sunlight, but it is fairly consistent throughout the day. The light is cool and more of a blue tone, usually, so bright colors can work well.

·         South – Rooms that face this direction typically get quite a bit of sunlight, so they are warmer in tones and in feeling. It is best to try and tone down this brightness with cooler colors, like those in the blue family and pastel shades.

·         East – Rooms that face this direction most often get hit the hardest by the sun early in the day, and the intensity lessens later on. Décor should be in warm colors that will complement the morning sun and maintain the bright feeling as afternoon and evening roll around.

·         West – Rooms that face this direction get less light in the morning, but it intensifies as the day goes on. Cool colors help to tone down the evening brightness, so you can feel more relaxed at this time.

When you have determined the direction of the light, you can utilize certain features to enhance further take advantage and enhance the effect.

·         Mirrors are excellent for making rooms feel larger and reflecting light to get the most out of it.

·         Painting rooms in lighter colors will also make light more effective and make the room feel bigger.

·         Placing furniture and other items in the right positions can allow more light into the room.

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