Tempered Glass Advantages


Tempered glass is used in both businesses and homes. Sure, we may know that it is a better kind of glass, but why? Here are seven advantages of tempered glass that make it the obvious better choice for both residential and commercial use in Ottawa.

1. It’s Safer

One of the most valued benefits of tempered glass is that it is safer. It is stronger so it resists breakage. However, when it does break, it turns into pebble-like pieces rather than sharps shards like traditional glass does. Those sharp pieces can cause deep cuts and severe injury. They’re also more difficult to clean. Tempered glass can prevent serious injury that can occur when it breaks, so it keeps your family safe.

2. It’s Stronger

Not only is it safer, but it’s stronger. This means that it is less likely to break. The strength of tempered glass can handle strong winds, scratches, blows, impacts, and other weather events. Because of its resistance, it is often used in high-rise buildings and commercial settings where it may need to withstand stronger forces.

3. Resistant to Damage & Scratches

Tempered glass is great for residential doors and commercial windows, doors, and partitions because it’s more resistant to scratches and will stand up to everyday wear. Using tempered glass for display cabinets, glass doors, and windows ensures that the surfaces remain flawless and clear for a longer period of time.

4. Resistant to Heat

When a traditional glass is exposed to hear, it has the ability to shatter and cause dangerous shards to disperse. However, because of the way the tempered glass is made, it can withstand high temperatures. This is one reason why tempered glass is required in bathrooms where exposure to hot water is likely.

5. Versatility of Design

Since tempered glass is so strong, it can be used to make many unique applications. It is required for shower doors that are frameless as well as other frameless glass structures such as commercial doors and partitions. These add style and innovation to both commercial and residential spaces.

6. Patterns

You can get tempered glass in a variety of patterns and designs that can compliment your unique style and taste. It can be clear, frosted, patterned, and engraved.

7. Quality and Clarity

Tempered glass is known for its high quality and crystal clear clarity. Whether you choose tempered glass for shower doors, glass doors, cabinets, display cases, or strong windows, you can be assured that you are getting great quality and clarity.

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