Replacing the windows in an Ottawa house is something that will take a lot to consider before moving into the actual process. Windows are the visual doorway to the outside and provide both ventilation and light to the indoor environment of the house. Additionally, they add to the overall design and feel of the home through the different types of framing available on the current market.

The plethora of choices ranging from the application, security, designer, or a mirror, to the type of installation such as casement, single or double sash, skylight, picture, or even bay windows. The glass panels can also vary from single, double, or triple, with painted glass, stained glass, or tinted glass, set in wood, metal, (aluminium), fibreglass, or vinyl casings.

Replacing the windows in an Ottawa house is more or less giving the home a face lift. The reason is because new or designer windows can drastically change the overall appearance of the house. If you change from the standard rectangular shape of an oval, square, or bow window, which give the illusion of adding space, there is a noticeable difference in the look of the architecture of the home.

Tips on Replacing the Windows

The choices you have can get confusing if at first you do not decide what it is exactly that you wish to accomplish. Considering that you live in Ottawa, the weather should have a place in the process for picking the kind of windows you choice as replacements. Additionally, the design and the overall efficiency need addressing.

The choice between vinyl and aluminium frames can determine how much heat or cold passes through the window frame in addition to the glass factors into this aspect. A high-efficient aluminium frame utilizes a non-conductive material set between the inner and outer layers of the frame, such as vinyl or rubber. The standard aluminium frames do not have this thus they radiate colder air from the outside during the cooler times of the year.

If you are looking to add some dimension to the look of your Ottawa home, installing an arched, bow, or angled bay window will add an elegant look as well as supplying more light into a room. At the same time, they will add to the overall appearance of the house. For the interior of the window, perhaps you may enjoy a window seat to enhance the design and function as extra storage in a room.

The choices vary between changing the windows for a designated purpose or just for a desired appearance. In either scenario, the benefits differ. For instance, double hung windows allow for easier cleaning because they swing inward. They also are adaptable to many different architectural looks.

If you have garden windows, the side sashes and the glass roof make a perfect environment for growing plants or herbs in your Ottawa home. This makes taking the time to compare what your wants and needs are to fit the direction for the type of replacement windows you will seek. An additional consideration is the cost vs the benefits.

Pick a Design the fits a Function

As we all know and understand living in Ottawa, the weather here can change rapidly from warm to cold. This means it helps to have a home with windows that are energy efficient, (functional), and appealing to the eye, (the design). Understanding this helps by knowing the different types of glass treatments available such as knowing what a ‘U’ and the SHGC ratings are.

The SHGC stands for ‘solar heat gain coefficient’, which translates into the amount of heat that transfers through the glass. The ‘U’ rating depicts the thermal conductance of glass, which allows heat to escape through the outside of your Ottawa home. This makes it important to find a balance between the two when choosing for function.

In colder climates, having a low ‘U’ rate is beneficial because the glass will stop heat from escaping. This makes having a high SHGC rate also beneficial, to a point. During the warmer months, a high SHGC can affect your ability to cool your home because of the heat radiated through the window glass.

Now all that considered, planning where to place the windows with specific ratings comes into the picture. Windows with a Southern exposure, (typically where more sunlight comes in), should have a higher SHGC than widows exposed to the East, West, and North, which should have the low ‘U’ rating as well as a medium SHGC rate. By now, you understand how this can affect your utility bills in Ottawa annually.

Of course, cost is always a factor and affordability will determine if adding a third pane of a window in place of paying for a specific rating may be a better expense. This sometimes proves as a better choice in some instances. However, this is one of the many decisions, which come with planning to replace your windows.

Installation of New Windows

Replacing the windows of your Ottawa home with an upgraded standard size that matches the originals is a great DYI project for those so inclined. Albeit, sometimes having a professional perform the task is better. Furthermore, stipulating that, when changing shapes or designs of the existing windows it is better to have a professional install them overall. Naturally, stressing the fact to weigh the cost against the benefits is most important for any household project of this magnitude.

It helps to shop online looking at company profiles and talking to both satisfied, and dissatisfied customers, or your neighbours who may have had this same type of remodel of their home. Always make sure a company has a license, and bonding as this will ensure they understand the acceptable building codes for Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

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